Monette inspires both women and men alike, through powerful delivery of an empowering message.

"Monette Smith did such a great job at the WOAMTEC Magnolia luncheon today! Beautiful, sassy, energetic AND a smart, smart cookie! LOVE HER! XOXO"

- Danielle Sokol

"Listening to Monette Smith- She delivered a powerful motivating speech on focus, doing it big, believing in yourself, being different, and taking action, and I took good notes!! She started her business on $1,000 and now has a leading magazine in our area and a PR firm! Very inspiring!"

- Kelly Taylor

"Loved your presentation, you were amazing."

- Angie Heiman

"Monette rocked the stage."

- Ken Brand

"Listening to Monette, I have left this room more inspired."

- Amy Levine

"Monette Smith was right on; what an empowering event."

- Cheri Lane

"Monette was very believable and inspiring."

- Donna Wick

"Monette Smith just killed her presentation!
I feel so inspired to let my SPARKLE out!"

- Phil Sanchez

"Monette was awesome."

- Kimberley Devos