About Monette

Monette Smith is an extraordinary and inspiring woman of passion, love and excitement. When she walks into the room, she is like a burst of sunshine, brightening your day with enthusiasm.

Raised in The Woodlands, Monette grew up in a strict environment where the expectation was to be driven to succeed and not only meet, but exceed your goals. Under the influence of her mother, who taught for many years before becoming an assistant principal, and her father, a private investigator, Monette developed a strong, yet infectious personality which spills over into interactions with everyone she meets. Always sure of what she wanted in life, Monette was determined to achieve it and face any challenge that stood in her way.

Monette’s commanding nature does not overshadow her loving and nurturing personality. There is a place in her heart for everyone, no matter where you come from, what you have or what you do. She thinks people are fascinating and that every individual has a story to tell. Her bubbly personality often finds her in the most interesting conversations, but she does not let her love for the social scene take away from what she cherishes most – her family and life with her husband and two boys.

Monette takes a balanced approach to work and family life, using multiple calendars, blocking time wisely and always making time for those closest to her. With a life inbox that is always full, she tries not to “sweat the small stuff” or become wrapped up in things that always seem to work out.

In her free time, Monette enjoys antiquing; appreciating the artisanship and creativity of taking something vintage and making something new. Just like the people she meets, each piece she collects tells a story and she enjoys creating ‘talking pieces’ by mixing the old with the new. Inspired by each piece, she displays them in client photo shoots, events and other creative projects.

If you run into Monette, you may feel as if you have met your new best friend. Her friendly smile and laughter will warm your heart and her positive outlook on life will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world!

There is no elevator
to success,
you have to take the stairs.