Giving Back

Monette finds fulfillment in making a positive impact in the lives of others and helping them to succeed. She knows from experience that even the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference. Monette remembered this life-lesson when she reached out to a young girl in need.

It was around the Christmas holidays, when a sixth grade teacher told Monette about a young girl who lived in a local all-girls foster home and came to school in the same tattered and torn clothes every day. Monette was deeply touched and wanted to assist the girl, not only with clothing and basic needs, but also with her view on life.

After waiting for two weeks to receive legal consent, Monette loaded up her crew for a “Girl’s Day Out” and picked up the girl to go shopping at a store where she had never been. The duo shopped for hours, sipping Slurpees and eating popcorn – all the things young girls love to do. Monette bought the shy, young girl a pair of shoes; her first new pair in over a year. Monette also asked friends of the center for donations of sleeping bags so she and her children could “hang out” with the foster girls.

After talking with officials at the foster home, Monette was told that this young girl had tried to commit suicide only one night before she arrived for their outing. However, when Monette received a thank you note from this girl, saying that this was the best time of her life and that there were, indeed, things worth living for, Monette was deeply affected. She knew that she and her family would continue to help others in need because it is the right thing to do and the only way to live.

Monette actively pursues speaking opportunities to use her message and influence to support the community. Her care and compassion are far-reaching; from supporting various charities to sponsoring events that support student scholarships and achievements to efforts to reduce crime.

Monette feels that she has been very blessed in life and wants to “pay it forward” by using her knowledge, wisdom and resources to help others.

Monette Smith Featuring Leave a Little SparkleMonette Smith Featuring Leave a Little Sparkle

Photos of Monette attending charity events:
LEFT: Go Red for Women Luncheon, pictured with Anna King
RIGHT: Unmasking Breast Cancer Gala