At the age of 21, Monette was a top seller in marketing and advertising. While selling ad space, Monette discovered that her clients needed direction enhancing their message to target their audiences. Her clients didn’t know or have direction on how to start. So, in 2002, she opened PR Marketing, LLC and just one short year later, she launched reviewit® Magazine.

As a woman who loves taking calculated risks, Monette started PR Marketing, LLC out of her home with just $1,000 and was armed with a computer, a business card, a few sales sheets and her extensive knowledge of advertising. Monette experienced numerous obstacles and challenges as she tried to establish visibility for her own company. Determined to make her company successful, she continued to aggressively market PR Marketing, LLC to put it on the map.

Faced with many fears, Monette’s strong sense of faith and self-confidence helped her move forward. She truly believed she was helping clients and trusted that the future held something extraordinary.

With only her minimal investment in a competitive industry, Monette has grown her company and reputation exponentially. She serves on various Board of Directors in the communities where her magazines are distributed and is involved in charitable events and fundraisers throughout the year.

Today, as the publisher of reviewit®, Vida Social and Flair Magazines, Monette is in the enviable position to interview leading business and lifestyle experts, entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers and Olympians, as well as many of today’s Fortune 500 CEOs. Their narratives have uncovered the secrets behind their extraordinary successes.

Monette has taken what she has learned and continues to share her stories to lead business owners toward reaching their maximum potential.

Monette formed PR Marketing, LLC, a full-service marketing and design firm.
Monette launched the award-winning publication, reviewit® Magazine that grew in distribution to 3 primary markets.
Monette launched the first bilingual magazine in Montgomery and Harris Counties reaching out to the emerging Hispanic community.
Monette launches Flair Magazine, an exclusive publication for preeminent affluent distinguished neighborhoods.